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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Your knowledge on 335's is very limited then. when the 335 coupe came out it came equipped with EXACTLY the same suspension as the sport. 100% fact.

Only the E92 335 SE's though. Not softer for comfort but identical suspension.
Hey mate,
Yeah I did my research before jumping into a 335 and was fully aware of seats and suspension being the same across the 335 but for some reason every other 335 I looked at seemed just that tiny bit lower - maybe it was just me, but dw, I spoke to alot of people and knew those things before hand.

If that wasn't the case, I'd have held out for an M Sport, but believe it or not, I actually prefer the 230 twist alloys to the MV4, but everyone is differ eh

I'm looking into the Front Aero Lip and Rear Spoiler but only and ONLY once I've sorted the susp. Bloody addictive and eating into the savings so need to be careful LOL - suspension is bugging me. Looks MEAN, everyone at work here has said it looks like the car is eating the wheels... got a few petrol heads around her.. few Porsche GT3, 335i's etc etc...

The guy I bought these coils off from this forum has just sent the spanners through the post, gurateed to arrive tomorrow, which is a BIG relief. I can get it sorted by Wednesday and be comfortable, FINGERS CROSSED.

If not, then I'll take it off after a few weeks back to stock and put up for sale so yeah..

I'm new to the modding scene and the beauty of doing things yourself really appeals but a shame that the fear of taking something apart and messing something up puts me off from doing these things myself.. still, adjeusting the damp settings can't be rocket science.. afterall, it's only turning the dials to hear clicks and trial and error LOL...

Maybe I should have just got your springs off your Sumil (and not have to worry about so many settings... then I have to think about shocks etc!) Arghhhh, Vat to doooooooo. lolllll.
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