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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
From how low the car looks it appears that whoever fitted the coilovers has set them to the lowest setting possible, and then just fitted them.

That's fine if all your interested in is how the car looks,if you want a car that's driveable, you also need to play around with the settings to reach a compromise between both,and erring on the side of whats a practical car to drive on a daily basis.

Did you not have any input on what you wanted?
If you just wanted a slammed look,that's certainly what you've got!

Fitting coilovers is easy,the hard part is getting the settings correct,and is something that is best done by someone who knows what there doing,and in conjunction with what you want/need.

I suggest you look around locally for a specialist who knows what there doing,and could sort out the settings that are required in a relatively short period of time.

Have you had a four wheel alignment carried out since having the coilovers fitted?
The guy who fitted them is very well known in the BMW world and is a forum sponsor on Evo T. I went to him through WOM and was impressed. The reason is it's so slammed is because we couldn't adjust the ride height.... due to a lack of the spanner... which is now on it's way in the post as the seller who I bought these coils off accidentally forgot to include. So I'll go on Wednesday to get the car Raised and then aligned. As it was the weekend, the person who would operate the Hunter Machine wasn't around so I have booked it in mid week. But only concern once I've raised it and aligned it... IF i then decide to change the settings a little later or lower / or raise it more, do it THEN need to get another alignment done??

Anyone know of a specialist in the Hampshire / Surrey / Greater London area who could get it to my preferred ride quality in a relatively short period of time?
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