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Upgraded front bumper/lip for '06 e91 - at your mercy here! Please help!

Hey folks,

Bit new to this, so apologies if i'm posting in the wrong section etc.

I'm being forced to let go of my lovely z4 (polished and gleaming in my garage, waiting to be sold) thanks to the recent acquisition of a little golden lab, and the pending arrival of my first child! But priorities, if i'm going down i'm going down fighting so in the face of estate car obscurity I've come through with a lovely '06 e91 which is a fair substitute and one that i'm very happy with.

Nevertheless, beneath the baby books and dog leads beat the heart of a car-loving boy racer so looks are still quite important to me. The e91 is your basic SE model and could do with some nice touches to bring out of its shell.

Luckily the car has some nice big rim's so thats good, and the skirts look good too, but at the front, well, i'm having some difficulties and could do with some advice from some of you very well informed chaps and chapesses.

Basically i don't like the standard front and want a sportier look. Now the cirrent bumper is damaged and would need some repair work (factored into purchase price). Right now i'm battling two options:

1. Repair bumper and fit lip/splitter
2. Replace bumper with m-sport/m3 bumper

Right now i'm stumped and i'm finding it hard to make up my mind.

If anyone could shed some light on what route to go, how much it should cost and any suggestions as to where to source parts both i, my wife, dog and child will be eternally grateful.

Thanks all,