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Originally Posted by VTECaddict View Post
It's not so much the long intervals, but the LL-01 oils are actually higher viscosity than regular 5w30.
Well, yes and no.

LL-01 starts with ACEA A3 as a basis test. ACEA A3 demands an oil which is high HTHS - meaning that it appears thicker under a shearing load (like a high revving BMW) and stays shear stable. LL-01 adds to that requirements for long drain intervals.

If you're shopping in 30 weight or light 40 weight oils (like 0W40, 5W40) and you plan on changing at least twice as often as CBS says then you can just look for ACEA A3. If you're under warranty or are even thinking about running the full CBS interval then get something with LL-01. Thicker 40s (like 15W40) are not likely to list ACEA A3 even though they may be compliant.

An ACEA A3 rating indicates a relatively light oil (like a 30) which is tougher when sheared than most. Castrol Syntec/Edge 0W30 is still the only 0W30 in the world which is ACEA A3 rated, I believe.

Don't get LL-04 if you're running gasoline in North America.