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Claims Management Companies

Dont want to go into massive detail at the moment but interested to know view/experiences with Claims Management companies.

I've had an someone clip my parked car outside my house who did a 'hit and run' in a 'shitbox' crappy old car.. Police tracked the likely suspect down ( we at least got the reg) but he claims he sold the car a few hours before the 'incident'. We all know its bollocks but they cannot prove he was driving at the time. My car will be off the road for 3-4 weeks.

My insurers have referred me to their 'partner' claims management company who will provide me with a free car of equal quality for 7 days ( no risk to me, no cost) whilst they investigate themselves.

Fact is they will only recover their costs and make profit on the car hire if they can successfully claim from someone. Records suggest the 'naughty' car was insured by Groupama at the time so that is where they are making a start. I have specifically said and had them agree on 'recorded' phone calls that there is no financial risk to me whatsoever.

Over the phone they have been very good as you would suspect, but the actual paperwork for the 'loan' car arrives with the delivery driver.

So has the use of claims management companies gone well or gone wrong for any forum members with loan cars. Any advice appreciated from those in the know.