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Originally Posted by JMARS View Post
You guys dont know who you're talking to... LOL
I've owned several cars that have had loud exhausts... C6 Z06 (cam/heads/LTheaders/full exhaust), C6 Vert(maggie/cam/heads/LTheaders/full exhaust), +1200WHP GTO, EvoX(everything 660awhp), R33 Skyline GTR(600whp), the list goes on... ALL OF THEM MODDED TO THE MAX (I get bored fast hehe)
I agree most people on this forum HAVE NO IDEA what real drone is.. I was just saying that I was not expecting it since MOST reiviews (look it up) rave about the exhaust and no drone. No Biggie though I just wasnt expecting it, but like I said it'll prob just take some getting used to Looks cool though LOL
Originally Posted by Bakeme521 View Post
haha to me it has no drone, go slap on HPF and drive it around for about a week and then put the hks back on. After having that setup on my car, its like this exhaust is as quiet as oem to me believe it or not haha.
I switched from Vanguard to the HKS, so that's probably why I don't think there is any drone. It also may be due to my 3.46 gear ratio that keeps my RPMs a little higher.