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Originally Posted by lonewolf View Post
Just installed all of the bulbs which included the Interior kit, side marker, reverse bulbs and front corner bulbs. The car now lights up like a show piece.

The 5 LED wedge bulb really brighten up the foot wells and the puddle lights. They brighten up the whole interior of my garage when I pull in.

The visor lights are so bright that my girl friend actually looks better when she puts on her make up. (OK just kidding).

The 18 LED dome lights actually make you squint your eyes when they turn on at night time. They brighten up the whole interior of the car plus the outside when the doors are open.

The reverse lights are very bright with no more amber color. The side markers are now also bright white instead of amber and cut through the darkness and are very noticable. The front corner bulbs are also a very bright white that cant be missed. Again I like the non amber color.

Definitly recommend the bulb upgrade. It will change the look of the car.

I just wish I can could brighten up the rear fog light bulbs. They are not as bright as I would like them. Any one have any ideas?
Thank you so much for the great review! We're very happy to hear you're enjoying your new lighting.

I'll PM you about your rear fogs. We may have them available soon.