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Originally Posted by Guvernator View Post
Yes the E93 is heavier but unless your 330d is mapped the 335i will still be quicker, sound nicer and rev higher and if that isn't enough you can very easily map it to make it even quicker.
Yeap, mapped but not all the time and tbh i am pretty happy with standard so this sounds plenty quick enough!

Having spent quite a bit of time in PJS's (and following) i just love the wailing banshee noise the 335i makes!

Originally Posted by Guvernator View Post

It will feel heavier in the corners, it isn't as stiff as the saloon\coupe and in the middle of deepest darkest winter, you'll often wonder why you bothered with a vert in the first place but come the first day of summer, with the top down and the straight six wailing you'll realise the whole reason for the verts existence.
yeap, we had a Mini Cooper S 'vert and open air 7k revs no matter what the temp

Out of interest what MPG do you get out of it (on the mway as well)?

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