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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Wow, talk about missing the point. He never asserted any of the ideas you are defending here.
I interpreted a very different intent to the OP's question than that. Not sure where you are deriving the notion that the motive; "politics vs principle", is more important than the "country vs party" aspect of the accusatory tone of the question. He asked how Republicans feel about taking a position of party before country. That wording alone is very presumptuous, and implies that the idea that Republicans are putting anything before country is a foregone conclusion that nobody would dispute. That's like asking how long have you been beating your wife....

To me, the hot-button element to his question was the aspect of people intentionally acting in a manner that they believe to be harmful to their own country. Whether they do so to align with a party or not is irrelevant; the claim itself is a pretty serious accusation. Last I checked, that's called "TREASON".
I've heard that argument before, that by voting Republican, you are willfully supporting some entity which you know to be committing treason. That's insulting, and a big deal to a lot of people. To be clear, no, I dont subscribe to the premise of the question in the first place. No, I dont think that they are putting anything before country, and I wouldnt support any party if I felt that was the case.

To answer your question, what do I think of the "politics vs principle" aspect? I think, long term, big picture, they are the same. There is no distinction. Sure there may be some decisions that are not against conservative dogma, but in the grand scheme of things, they dont want to support something that they feel overall, longterm, will cause more damage.

For example, I dont care if 2 people of the same sex want to marry, or if a woman wants to get an abortion. I support those 2 traditionally democratic ideas. However, those dont affect me or my immediate family, but economic policies will affect me. So, if I support a Republican, I do so knowing that me may be against me on certain social issues, but I can endure that, knowing he will be on my side in other issues more important to me. Does that mean I am putting politics ahead of principle? NO, it means I'm thinking big picture. It's not a menu, you can't pick and choose elements you like.

The fact that the housing crisis started because a lot of dumb folks took on waaay too much mortgage proves to me and others that a lot of folks dont think long-term, big picture. They may like entitlements because they provide relief today, without the long term vision of how are we gonna pay for all this later. If some items that are not entirely anti-conservative get hit in the process of ridding the country of some approach I believe to be detrimental long term, that that's collateral damage I'm willing to take. If you gotta amputate my leg to save my life, well do it doc, using a cane beats being 6 ft under.