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Then how do you explain Romney (& the GOP) being against RomneyCare? Explain the repubs rallying around TARP, but railing against the Stimulus. Explain the cry to cut our debt, when it was caused by republican wars and tax cuts. Where was the outrage when Bush doubled our debt? And since when did forming a long-term plan to pare-down debt ever result in an immediate job boom? But repubs are pretending that it will. How about saving two big American companies (GM & Chrysler) and millions of American jobs? Horrible idea, right?

What constructive reason can you name for perpetuating the idea that Obama's a Muslim? And how is it that having your candidate spend half his campaign talking about anti-gay and anti-abortion topics doesn't seem like a huge turnoff to you? Maybe that's the real difference between dems and repubs. Because my kids are grown, and none of these social issues directly impacts me or my family, but I'll be damned if I'll ever support someone who denies people their freedom and rights.