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BMW's Twin Turbo V8...

Did quick search didn't see anything, but if I missed this before and it's old news I'm sorry.

So I'm browsing my new Automobile magazine and they are showing renderings of the new BMW 6 series, as well as the "updates" for the 2008 model.
Appears, to no big surprise our 335i engine is going to become the base engine in the 6 series as well.

But what caught my eye was an optional twin turbocharged V8 making 400 hp that will slot between our 300 hp TT I6 and the 500 V10.

Yes, I know the current NA V8 makes 360+ hp so "how could a twin turbocharged V8 only make 40 more hp"?

I'll guess two things:
1. It's a smaller V8 (probably 4.2-4.4 liters) instead of 4.8
2. Like our TT I6 , it's probably underrated by 20-25 hp and tq.

But I gotta tell you, a TT V8 would be absolutely SWEET.
It would be a PROcede away from the horsepower of the V10, and probably have more torque stock already.
Hope someone would start developing a LSD for this car the day it comes out, it would need one for sure!

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