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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
Tell that to the BMW dealership when you have a 335i and you want the coolant replaced. They may have a "coupon" for $119, but they say that doesn't apply to lifetime coolant. What concerns me is if they put up that much resistance to replacing the coolant, I kinda doubt they'd really do the work, or would anybody do it. Incentive to cheat if the coolant is truly good for life, why not give you a wall job, but tell you what you want to hear, that the coolant has been replaced? For pete's sake, it only costs $24 for lifetime German coolant....

We had an engaging thread on coolant not too long ago. BMWNA claims "lifetime coolant" but the local dealer looked around and then whispered "change your coolant".

Since I don't believe in lifetime coolant either, I was going to have it done whether or not the dealer agreed with me.

Not only is the coolant only $24, the actual job isn't that expensive either. Can't understand BMW's resistance other than it adds up, with so many cars under warranty.