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You don't need to "predict" it, as it's already reported (and posted here) that they will have a TT V8.

Guys, keep one thing in mind. The 414 hp NA 4.0 liter V8 they have is for the M3.
That's more of a race engine. They won't use that engine in non-M cars.
Furthermore a small displacement (as I predicted it would be 4.2-4.4 liter TT V9) would have equal HP, but gobs more torque. This engine would probably also weigh 75-85 lbs more than the 4.0 liter in the M3

They would never put this TT V8 in the 3 series.
As it appears, it will first debut in the 6 series.
Then it's a no brainer it will also be stuck into the 5 series and possibly the 7 series as well.
Furthermore, it would make a fantastic engine for the X5

I would be surprised if BMW dropped all their non-M naturally aspirated V8's from the line up, because surely their would be customers who wouldn't want turbocharged engines. But it's possible.

I see this:
635i/735i is TT I6 as base engine in 6 and 7 series
650i/750i is NA V8 (possibly current 4.8 liter) at 360 hp midline engine
655i/755i is TT V8 (400-410 hp rating) as upgraded V8 option
M6 is V10

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