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Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
This solved my brake squeal issue:

Before I used this, I too removed my pads and re-installed them to "re-seat" them on the caliper. The squeak when away until after the 5th time hitting the brakes. So I used the above and the squeal has been gone ever since.
Ok so I'll bite on this, did you do fronts and rears or just the rears? Here's how I see this solving the problem. One, lets assume the hill assist is keeping the pads microscopically close or even touching the rotors for the first few mph's. If this is the case then I could see the pads (and their reverse and side surfaces) undergoing a fair amount of vibration due to the slight warping/surface inconsistencies most brake rotors naturally incur after normal driving. The CRC would lube up the noisy pad exterior and you'd be in business. ALSO it would explain why everyone has had temporary success with a new pad install. The simple act of changing pads would knock a lot of the residual brake dust out of the pad install area and the noise would cease.. 2 months of brake dust accumulation later and boom its back.

I'll have to do this over the weekend before adjusting the parking brake, it seems pretty viable aside from the rotational aspect of the squeak. Most of us have had it correspond to wheel speed and this would only be the case if the actual pad face was making the noise which is doubtful in my opinion. Although I suppose the frequency change could be attributed to rotor speed and how fast the pad rocks inside the caliper. While I'm in there can you guys suggest a pad for the e92 that ends this nightmare (less dust)? I haven't searched, of course, but imagine it's a pretty common switch. Thx in advance!