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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
On the other hand, the way the Solicitors, Claims Management Company, kick-back for whoever referred the lead (local garage/insurance company) and hire car company all cream cash from the insurance claim, which in turn hikes-up our premiums, makes my piss boil.
I used to think this way too. Then, when someone ran into the back of me (minor damage, mostly just new bumper) the at-fault parties insurer referred me onto a claims management company themselves!!!

So after that, I could see the insurer wasn't really trying to minimise their own costs, so I took on a claims management co, although not the one that the at-fault parties insurer suggested. The purpose for me of taking the claims mgt co wasn't the hire car: it was so there would be no argument about having the bumper replaced at a BMW dealer and so they could deal with the other insurer without me invloving my own insurer. Past experience with a family member told me that doing it yourself or via your own insurer means you have to wait months until you get your excess back. In the meantime you have an open claim and that affects your ability to get other insurance.

These companies do push up costs for everyone, but the insurers themselves have only got themselves to blame by making it such a PITA for ordinary punters when they have a claim.

I got a similar hire car. If I had a really expensive car, I wouldn't be bothered with a really expensive loan car, I'd just suggest a base model to keep costs reasonable. I can see why in the story above the other insurer objected to a 2,500 / 500/day hire bill. Even if it cost them more in their own costs than the 1k they saved in this particular case, chances are that claims management company will not be putting forward 500/day hire cars too often in future.

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