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I've been on the other end of one of these companies...

Some guy crashed into me whilst I was driving my dads car (under 3rd party cover). Some how my dads car came off with no damage and the other party ended up with a smashed head light and scuffed bumper. The guy was completely at fault, I informed my insurance company thought that was the end of that.

3 weeks later I get a call from my insurance company saving the guy had gone to a "claims management company" and they are demanding 2K to settle the claim (how a smashed headlight on a Corse can cost 2K is anyones guess). Luckily I took some pictures of the incident at the time, and emailed them off to my insurance company. 3 weeks after that I get a letter from my insurance company saying the matter was resolved and my no claims discount was not affected (I assume that means the claim was dismissed since I have not protected my no claims).

Whilst all this was going on my insurance company kept on sending letters to me asking me to use their own "claim management company" to make a claim against the other party even though I had NO damage on my car.... I wonder this is why our insurance goes up every year?