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Originally Posted by gtaccord View Post
I understand the properties of brake fluid and the "possible" consequences.but I really don't think it is worth the money to pay some one else to do it or the time for you to do it unless you happen to be working in the area (ie replacing brake lines) or you take the car to the track often.

I have changed brake fluid in cars before that were over 10 years old with 100k + miles with no perceptable change in braking performance. Also I don't really think any modern cars brake system will "rust out" if you don't change your fluid every few years. It has a higher chance of rusting from the outside imo.

So if you are changing the brake lines or calipers, by all means swap your fluid too, otherwise worry about something else.

...and making note of your ID so I don't buy any of your used cars....

Snide remarks aside, an "enthusiast" schedule specifies ANNUAL brake fluid flushes. I endeavor to follow that schedule but sometimes it slips to two years. I use long life brake fluid like ATE Type200/Super Blue and even at that I can FEEL the improvement in the brake and clutch action even when changed every year.

In my book if there was an improvement in system operation, then the old fluid had changed or degraded. To me this seems pretty obvious that even annual changes are not a "waste".

Now, that being said, I DIY all of this work and when I'm flushing annually I don't bother to hook up diagnostic computers and operate the DSC/ABS. With a frequent flush interval like 1-2 years I allow natural DSC/ABS activity (mostly in the winter) to cycle the fluid through the system. Since it's all pretty "fresh" and none of it is critically old I don't have to be as anal about making sure I get every drop out.

Your brakes and clutch will feel better when the fluid is regularly serviced. That seems to be worth nothing to people. So many people on this forum are drinking the "lifetime fluid" and "why bother" mentality to short cut maintenance.