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Originally Posted by Ryan335 View Post
pretty good analysis but you will never see a 7er with a 6 cylinder
You may very well be right.
But keep in mind years ago they did, and so did Mercedes Benz S Class.

I think it would be a good move, for those people who want the 7 series size but may not care to have the most powerful engine in it.
The TT I6 makes more power than the 740i 4.4 V8 of just 5 years ago and nearly as much power as the 4.4 V8 in the 745i.
And the TT I6 would surely weigh less so it would outperform the 745i of only 2-3 years get better gas mileage.

If I was a 50+ year old who wanted the 7 series space but didn't want to pay the V8 price premium or wanted to "save" a bit of gas over the V8, I'd jump into a 735i with the TT I6 in a second.