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Originally Posted by Surly73 View Post
Sorry, Cadman, I was not trying to be a douche by my comment. I had limited time and everything you needed was posted in another post authoured by me. I didn't have time to link you to it but I was hoping you'd find it if you knew it was out there.

I feel your pain on the variation in information you find online which should be very specific.

I'm nowhere near my car or coding stuff, but the "-B070" is what I recall you would need. The "-Axxx" codes are AGM, the "-Bxxx" codes are flooded wet cell.

You need to remove all battery options but the correct one and push the VO/FA to CAS and (N)FRM IIRC. Then you need to change the CAS coding to the proper string (KLASSE_BATTERIE to "70ah") like you already have. Then you'll need to re-register the battery. I used INPA but it looks like there's about a half dozen ways to trigger a re-register.

Then if you use INPA and go into the IBS screens and display the second bank of info (it's F2 in my INPA) you should see the odometer reading for the "first battery change" matching (or close to) your current odo reading. You should also see the charging plan as 70.0 (changed from the 91.0 you would have had before).

Unfortunately my INPA is almost all German right now (something I'm working towards improving) so I don't know any of the exact wording you'd be looking for. My F-key shortcuts could also be different than yours.
No, I'm sorry because I was clearly trying to be a bit of a smart a$$. I'm just frustrated at having my car sit for 4 days while I try to be sure I have the charging system in working order, and as you say there is hardly a set of definitive instructions when it comes to a lot of this coding.

Thank goodness for my trusty e36 (which manages to continue running without coding!)

I do appreciate the help and the info you share with the communtiy.

I reset the battery with Tools32, but I guess I need to re-reset it since I have changed the info in the VO after the first reset.

If anyone doesn't have it, this is the DIY I used to change my VO:

Only problem I had is that on page 21 of the DIY I do not have LMA as an option when choosing ECU (on my 2006 330i)

I'll see what INPA has to say.
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