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Values with ANSTEUERUNG should be FRM3 if I am correctly.
I dont have the exact value on hand for parking light angel eye brightness in FRM2, but search for PWM_...._FKT_PARKL

I believe it was PWM_RL_BL_1_FKT_PARKL

You have to differ between the two parking lights (_SL and _PARKL)

In germany we differ between Parklicht (PARKL) and Standlicht (SL). Both is to be used when the vehicle is stationary in germany. The Parklicht in fact is the Standlicht when only activated either on the left or the right side of the vehicle. Technically, as you know, it looks the same except that one side is dark
The SL value sets the brightness for the angel eyes when low beams are on, too. This can't be edited seperately becuase parking lights always turn on when low beams are activated. No way to seperate this.

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