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Well I have bad news this afternoon =(

I received word that we will not have access to the airfield this weekend. The reason is there are a lot of hops I have to jump through to get us permission to use this place. I was recently tossed a few more hoops to jump through and as such, we are not permitted to use the location this weekend. On a positive note, once I completed the additional hoop jumping we will have better access to the airfield.

It looks like my notice of cancellation was a bit premature for those who might have gotten that notice. You know when you are with the right person you tell them we lost the airfield so there is no drive and their response is in not so many words “well maybe I wanted to still do the drive”.

So by order of the BIG boss we are going to do the DRIVE ONLY part of the day. I will continue my efforts to get us to the Airfield for a future date.

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