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Originally Posted by kn3z007 View Post
Since my E90 is preLCI, I would probably go for F18x9 ET31, R18x9,5J ET35.
Do I need to roll my fenders for 235/265 fittment? Would I be able to fit ET22? I like to have as much concave on the rear as possible without any exessive modifications. I'm on stock sport suspension.
Since you are pre LCI you can fit an 18x9.5" ET35 in the rear with a 265/35/18 tire without any rubbing issues. The LCI cars are 50/50 with this set-up depending on what kind of tire that is used.

18x9" ET31 will work in the front with anything from a 235/40/18 to a 255/35/18 but you may need some negative camber on the wider end of the spectrum depending on what kind of tire you plan on using. Basically there are three types of tires (extreme performance, r compound, or regular summer tires) which can vary greatly in size even though the same size is written on the sidewall. When using an 18x9.5" ET22 with a 265/35/18 tire in the rear you will need to roll your fenders.

Originally Posted by cvc 22349a View Post
That seems like it would be too tall. Wouldn't a 245/35-18 be a better choice for non-m? Would a 245/35/18 on your 18x9" fit the front of the non-m w/o rubbing or spacers?
Either tire can be used with out problems, and the 245/35/18 does have a shorter sidewall if there is concern over rubbing.