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Originally Posted by CroatBMW View Post
Hey recently I totaled my 2006 BMW 325i sedan, I didn't have full coverage so now I'm trying to part it out and atleast partialy recover some of the money invested in it. The car was not in a head on collision, I flipped it onto the roof and skidded for about 30 feet. I'm not sure if the engine is running I was advised against trying to turn it on, it probably will need to be fully dissasembled, although it does not appear to have taken much damage.

All of the undercarriage, suspension, and exhaust are in good condition.

All of the interior trim pieces, seats, etc. are in good condition.

None of the airbags deployed, so they are for sale, as is the steering wheel.

The wheels I need to look at again, but I'm almost positive they are in good condition without any curb rash.

I'll post more pictures in the next couple days. Feel free to make an offer on any parts you need if the price seems fair it's as good as yours. I don't have any experience parting out cars, so if anybody has any advice, or knows a good place to find a price for what most of the parts go for I would really appreciate it.

Parts Sold:
Xenon lights
BMS Powerbox

Parts available:
BMW Professional Radio
Automatic driver passenger seats (great condition)
Rear seat
Full OEM Speaker system
OEM Amp (non-logic7)
All airbags
Non-sport steering wheel w/ airbag
Full set non-idrive wood trim
Gray door trim all doors
Full rear bench seats
3 windows glass still good
Auto transmission
Miscellaneous engine parts
MAF Sensor
OEM non performance exhaust
Full non sport suspension set up
OEM wheels/ tires
Lots of other parts as well just pm me
Please call me or email me i need some parts TKS!