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Originally Posted by mobilejo View Post
Mine was a pre lci e90. And the steering wheel was horrific to someone who has only ever had M Sport cars. Sounds like yours was a nice one.

Admittedly part of the price of M sport is just to make some profit off the desirability factor, but that is simple business sense. What a company charges isn't just about cost but about what the customer will pay - if I bought an SE then had to use aftermarket parts to improve suspension, seats, add a body kit, wheels etc it would cost me alot more and I'd end up with a load of SE bits I'd have to sell to recoup some cost. I wouldn't want to do that so I would see the M Sport pack (assuming I liked that look) as value for money, regardless of production cost.

I still say though, if better bits don't really cost the manufacturer any more, why aren't all cars nicer? Ford would sell more Focus' if they had M Sport-ish interiors as standard?
Pardon the huge delay in replying to this. My brother had an E90 pre-lci SE and it had the same wheel as me. IIRC, the ES had a not very nice standard wheel which, if ordering new could be upgraded to a decent wheel for 100 (the 5 series non m-sport is the same today, basic wheel not very nice).

Yes, there would be no point in buying an SE if you wanted the bits that the m-sport has so I quite agree with you but as to why Ford or anyone else doesn't make their cars nicer, it reduces the opportunity to make extra money by charging more for stuff that doesn't cost them anymore. If they equipped their cars with kit which was deemed more attractive to most people then the profit from further options becomes harder to make as the options have to be ever better - and more costly to provide.

It reminds me of a cartoon I saw once where Eddison was in his factory storeroom and a new recruit was boggling at racks of super modern HiFi systems and Eddison is pointing to steam gramophones and crystal sets and saying, "I know, but first we have to shift this lot".