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Originally Posted by mousitch View Post
Try this. Very helpful and will motivate.Free plus theres a phone app too. Good luck!
I honestly didn't read the rest of this thread, but this is exactly what I was going to post.

About a year ago, I was 230 lbs. Today, I am 168 lbs and still losing weight.

My main contributors were:

1. MyFitnessPal. Love this app. It really makes you think twice about what you're about to eat. I didn't revolutionize my diet. I was a fat guy that liked to eat fat guy stuff. However, I started buying the healthy versions of *everything* that I enjoyed. 200 calorie pizzas, ground turkey instead of ground beef, low fat versions of this and that, stopped drinking pop and started drinking a lot more water. MyFitnessPal basically forced me to think twice about what I ate. When I'd go out to a restaurant, I'd use the database to look up the nutrition facts on a meal and would be shocked to find that something I've eaten for years was 1500+ calories in one sitting. No bueno.

2. P90X. To be 100% honest, I've yet to finish a complete 90 days of P90X. However, it got me into the habit of working out on a regular basis and when I stopped my first round, I was a good 60 days in. Circumstances at the time left me without the time to complete the program fully, but I still do it on a semi-regular basis and it's been awesome. Love love love it.

Kudos to you for taking the first step in losing the weight man. Once you start seeing results and start hearing from all your friends and family how awesome you look, you'll never want to stop. Being healthy and fit won't be a choice, it'll be a change in your actual lifestyle.

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