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Originally Posted by bb103 View Post
16k is a little low if you bump that up a bit im sure you can get a good deal just keep looking... that car's km's is really high for me... but if your ok with that then its up to you... i maybe wrong but i'm amusing on private sales you wont be able to get aftermarket warranty. if you can't my opinion pass. unless you only plan on keeping it for a short time...

mods are good. you wont have to much to do. (minus the rear AC lip)

again just my opinion.
Thanks for your opinion the Km's are really high and im sure I could bump it up to about 20k

I plan to have this car for another 4 years. Im 19 and this would be my second car (First being a 2010 hyundai Sante fei)

do you recommend a 225 or 228?

and before I buy I would take it to a good mechanic to make sure its running smooth.