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Originally Posted by rosewinning View Post
Thanks for your opinion the Km's are really high and im sure I could bump it up to about 20k

I plan to have this car for another 4 years. Im 19 and this would be my second car (First being a 2010 hyundai Sante fei)

do you recommend a 225 or 228?

and before I buy I would take it to a good mechanic to make sure its running smooth.
my personal preference would be a 328i.

don't know the difference between the two as much to give any reason why other than i own a 328i lol.

i just bought mine about a month now. I got mine with 63k for $20K. pretty good deal for me and the warranty was about 2k on top of that +taxes of course. my advise shop around... you can defiantly get something with lower km's for a bit more. I'm not sure about your insurance but Mine requires a picture for owners under 25 (i'm 23) to ensure no modifications.