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Originally Posted by Carl Morris
Talked to Jack. He doesn't know at the moment if there's anywhere local he can find a junkyard or broken Tcase but he'll keep his eye out. In the meantime if anybody has a broken one to send to him he'll tear into it. And of course trannys are always welcome if anybody wants him to look at a 6MT.

One question he had is what's the policy on this forum for shop owners to come in here and gather info as a private individual without paying a vendor fee? He said he'd register and discuss it here if he can do it for free until it's time to actually sell a product.
Id have him do so under a normal name (instead of "____@JacksTransmissions" or whatever) so that he can get the data/information he needs for the project. He wouldn't be a vendor unless he were selling things, I would think? Plus, its doubtful that moderators have seen the xi section of the forum in months probably.

Thanks for the update- hope to see him here soon.