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Originally Posted by Tredvesone View Post
Org BMW cable from center console as well. USB and AUX plug. USB for chargin and controls. AUX for sound.
So you are using the BMW y-split cable? I had purchased an alternative from another vendor (didn't feel like spending what BMW was asking) but now I am seeing that if you have BMW Apps, which I do, it isn't necessary.

Originally Posted by Tredvesone View Post
So what I did was:
1) Transfer 1 or more songs to the iPod with iTunes.
2) Plug in the BMW cable before you start the car.
3) When the car is running, connect your iPod to the BMW cable.
4) Start Music app on the iPod, see if the steering wheel buttons are working. Now... exit Music app and start Spotify. Play a song and see if you can skip songs etc.

It worked for me... maybe I was lucky!
What version of iOS are you running on your iPhone?