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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Mate, I signed up years ago, within about a week I was hunted down by a number of ex's (obviously left a lasting memory - or perhaps my surname is very noticable!!), so closed my account. A couple of months ago a few business connections were talking about their presence on there so thought I'd reactivate my account. After 3 years off it I half hoped my account would be cleared and I'd start again - no such luck.

Would prefer, now I'm a bit more clued up, to just have close mates & work contacts on there - not a bunch of ex's!!!

So, like the way they wouldn't notice, but if they track me down again and it says 'unfriended' seems a bit harsh. Don't know why I care really - probably because some still live locally and I occassionally bump into them - don't mind saying hello from afar but can't be arsed getting life-updates from them!!
Worst 'I really am a stud' post ever!

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