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Originally Posted by BMW M Power Mexico View Post
For everyone here it would be moronic to prefer Brazil over Mexico. However, after going through the level of this discussion, nothing surprises me regarding anti-Mexico xenophobia here.

A few facts (not that most people here care about facts):

1. The plant in Mexico would generate U.S. jobs for suppliers. The plant in Brazil wouldn´t or would to a much much lesser extent.

2. Mexico´s automotive industry has a lot higher exports and a lot higher quality than Brazil. So much so that Brazil had to come crying to us recently to renegotiate our trade agreement because we were exporting to them a lot more than they were exporting to us.

3. Brazilian murder rates are worse than ours. Yes, really. New York Times:

4. Our economy has been growing at twice Brazil's pace for the last two years and we might overtake them by 2022 in total economic size (with less than 2/3 of the population).

5. Our per capita income is higher.

6. Creating jobs in Mexico helps reduce illegal immigration to the U.S.

7. Our economy is much ore open and we have free trade agreements with a lot more countries that could be export destinations for the plant. Brazil's economy is a lot more closed.

Advantages of Brazil?

The last year BMW sold very slightly more cars there than here. BMW sold 12,074 cars in Brazil and 11,262 in Mexico in 2011. That´s it.

So funny, you guys get confronted with facts you cant argue with, so you just decide to ignore them... No wonder why americans are as of lately catalogued as dumb people all over the word. Such a shame, since I know a lot of american people who are really smart and nice people, but its just amazing what the large crowd of xenophic one´s can do for the country image worlwide.

Glad to see tough that there are some members in this board who really have a mind on their own and are respectful, wheter they support or not the plant in Mexico.