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Originally Posted by Kerr View Post
Doesn't a remap from any of the reliable companies or JB4 not see 380bhp consistently?

Reading through this site and others there is quite a few guys claiming 12s with remap and occasionally down pipes.

Isn't there a 135i mid 12s from a remapped N55. Vtecabuser I think?
Lets nog argue over 10HP.

It was a high 12 mate. The weekend was a shit day for it. I'm sure he had other mods or had tyres.

I've been before with a mate, 400+HP 335i with a 2.2 60ft and he did 13.3, if he could have managed a 1.9 then he would have done a 12.9 maybe 12.8.

335i with 380HP does not mean its a 12 sec car mate.

A 650HP E92 M3 could only manage a 12.5 with a rubbish 2.5 60ft.

On a perfect day I would say my standard M3 could do a 13.0 on that same day a 400HP 335i 12.7. And a few more mph than the M3

An article in a magazine had mapped 335i & 335d doing 0-100 in high 11's. An E46 can run quicker!!

Hence why most mapped 335i do mid - low 13,s
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