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E90 coming off factory warranty soon, anything I can ask for?

My 2009 335xi is coming off factory warranty in a month. It is about 9,000 miles away from the next oil change, which I will not reach in the next 30 days or so. The car is CPO, so I am not overly-concerned with having zero coverage in 30 days.

But I am wondering, is there anything that I should be asking to be "looked at" or outright "replaced" under factory warranty before it is gone?

The only two items that were not in the Green checklist column from the last checkup, were the battery and I believe the rear brakes. Both of those were in the Yellow.

Can I demand that the battery is replaced, or the rear brakes replaced, if they still within tolerances? I don't even know what a Yellow checkmark for a battery means. Not holding charge? Simply the age of it?

I would be more concerned with asking about things that are covered under factory warranty, but not under the CPO (gold) warranty afterwards. I, like anyone else, would want to get whatever stuff replaced with new if I could, before it's too late!