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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
I don't think they'll put a V12 in the next M5
The current V10 is an itty-bitty V10 at only 5.0 liters.
MANY, MANY V8's are larger than that. If anything they'll just bump up the displacement to say 5.2-5.4 liters and push out 550 hp.

But what BMW really needs to do with the M division is concentrate on weight loss.
Well see that's the problem, .5L per cylinder is pretty standard for modern engines. M motors have always been high revving motors, they could increase the bore, but they cant do much, if anything, with the stroke. If they increase the stroke that will increase piston speed and rev limits will come down. I dont think that will be acceptible to BMW. Increasing the bore, would help displacement, but doesn't really do much for power on an NA motor. With FI, increasing the bore has more of an advantage.

Another thing to think about is what Audi and MB are doing, the RS6 is getting a TT V10, MB's have TT V12's. BMW likes to go a different route, and without FI, and without loosing what all M cars have been, they really can only add additional cylinders. Look at the E39 M5 vs. the new one, 4L V8 400hp vs. 5L V10 500hp. Keeping with this trend would make more sense to me.

As far as the weight thing, I completely agree, M cars are too heavy. Imagine the new M3's V8 in the E36 or E46 chassis, maybe the M5/M6 V10 in the E39 chassis. Either option would murder the current versions. Before BMW brought back FI, more power, a decent suspension, and some body work was enough to set them apart. Since power is easier to come by with FI on the lower models, they need to focus on making those additional horses more efficient by loosing some fat and upping the power to weight ratio.