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Rear Left Problem: Brakes/Handbrake Feels Like its Slightly on and gets Very Warm

The rear left (opposite to driver side) has recently started to feel like the brake is slightly on all the time. I believe I felt it happen suddenly whilst driving, it just gives a different feel although I don't think you'd notice if you were new to the car.
  • It doesn't roll down certain hills as fast as it used to, I can tell as I use these few roads every day (similar when stood still).
  • It also gets very very hot from a short journey.
  • It smells a little funny like it is the brakes/discs.
  • Once or twice has started to creak as the wheel goes round and round.

I have a BMW E90 SE which is about 6 years old and has about 60k mileage. I do have the rear brakes due (they have about 3mm remaining), could it just be related to that? Could it be the handbrake needs adjusting? I'm just trying to understand what the actual problem is and maybe to cut down any investigative costs, any ideas?