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ride is the most obviously improved item. It is very compliant on small sharp bumps (like concrete interstate sectionals). The PS2 were very ridable, this is comfortable. This is amazing considering that the tire features hardcore handling.

Wet traction is also improved, it was pouring yesterday and I felt more confident than I ever have been, even with A/S tires, the grip limit seemed very far away, hydroplaning was adverted very efficiently. The overall feeling was that the tire was just laughing at the horrible weather conditions, and playing to see were that was going, I basically reached what would qualify as aggressive pace (for street, that is) for a sunny day, but under heavy rain. DCT didn't kicked in while I was purposefully trying to see the limit with hard accelerations, it would have with the PS2 under the same solicitation.

Initial turn in is slightly more lively, the direction feels lighter, yet still very precise. It feels almost telepathic now. And it was already great on the PS2.

The feel at mid-corner is also better, on the PS2, it felt a little like riding on a balloon (yet the grip limit was far away and the sidewall would remain responsive). The stiffer sidewalls on the PSS prevents this strange feeling.

The rest was already excellent on PS2, pro tests say that mid-corner grip has been improved, but on open road its hard to reach PS2's limit already, same story goes for grip off the line, I had a very hard time overwhelming the PS2, I am still to witness DCT kick in on the dry with the PSS.

I cannot list any downside to these tires. They are even rated 300 thread wear (the 150 of the PS2 were the only downside I found to them), so even factoring in the high price tag, they are not a bad value.

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