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Originally Posted by morphius909 View Post
How's everyone's ride holding up?

My has been pretty flawless, except for when I smashed into a pothole and my adaptive headlights gave me an error. Dealer had a replace some module and I ended up paying for a mid cycle oil change (better safe then sorry)..
Originally Posted by Kernel Kurtz View Post
No problems here, but only a bit over 4K on it so far.

Puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. :-)

Have to say those 19s with the RFTs ride really harsh, though......have to be vigilant about dodging potholes, manholes, and other various and plentiful road hazards.
All good here as well! Still enjoying. Definitely dodging road obstacles like you Kurtz...but I'd be doing the same with any 19" wheels, RFT or not.