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That document is about as old as time. Here's what the BMW CCA Ops Manual states:

Originally Posted by BMW CCA Ops Manual re: Driving Events
Event Timing. While timing by individuals is discouraged, timing and data acquisition will be allowed with the provision that no real time display can be used inside the car during the session. If the display cannot be turned off, it should be covered so as not to be seen by the driver or instructor while the car is being operated.
I am going to interpret the above as "as long as driver and passenger does not have visibility into LIVE timing to distract him/her, data acquisition devices are allowed and okay." This includes data acquisition software on devices like iPhone or Android based smart phone.

There are no language in the National Ops Manual regarding video equipment, but I am going to say this. If you're going to place a video camcorder in the car, I am going to question the use of suction type mounts if it's a regular sized camcorder. GoPro or Contour HD type recording devices, where the small form factor and relative light weight will be far less likely to do some serious damage when mounted on a suction cup? That I have no problem with. But any sort of video recording device that requires hand held operation, needs to be secured via hardware rather than suction cups. Here, common sense is the prevailing rule.

I'm sorry for the confusion. If you guys have any questions about the rules of the event, post in this thread and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Since I am also acting as the chapter's driving event registrar, I believe the interpretation and enforcement of the National Driving Events Minimum Standards falls on my shoulders for the L.A. chapter.
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