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Originally Posted by mgarvey View Post
Notice you've gone the opposite way to me (been seeing you on the MBclub forums). I drove the W204 Mercedes back-to-back with the F30, though admittedly not a Sport + model, and I was really impressed with the F30.

How are you finding the Merc?

Yeah, likewise!!

As I decided I wanted an estate/touring this time, the F31 wasn't an option.....and the F11 was waaay too big for my purposes. Call me shallow, but I also would have found it a bit difficult to stomach going back to an "ordinary" BMW... So a complete change made more sense and, so far, I'm very pleased with it. Good performance and mpg, and a much better ride/handling set up than the standard E90's. Equipment levels are good and space slightly better, so all in all a good choice, for me.

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