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Coding error - Please help!

I'm hoping one of you can help me, I've tried and tried but I can't get this damn error to go away. I've googled, searched, prayed, and no matter which thread I reference I still can't get my cluster to function normally.

I'm running Ediabas v6.4.7, though I have downloaded 7.0.x. I'm on a Netbook running Windows XP 32 bit, and I'm running v46 of the daten files, and when I do a check the in INPA, the Kombi module checks out okay but the error still remains on the cluster.

I originally coded the car using the files in the sticky DIY above, first the FRM module for the roll up windows with FOB and LED Corner delete. I then moved on to the Kombi to do the digital speedo and that's when I got the error.

The RED "car on lift" icon popped up and checking the code, it is CC-ID 60 (Speedometer failure). The tach, fuel, and temp gauges do not work.

I then did more research and figured I had outdated daten files and proceded to update via the many threads. I'm hesitant to update EDIABAS because I've read there may be compatibility problems with NCS Expert. I've reflashed it back to the original settings via Expert Mode in NCS and this still won't go away.

Someone please help me! Am I missing something?