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Yes, I know what I'm capable of if given the chance. I have doubted myself in the past time and time again when doing a new mod on my car that I wasn't familiar with. But at the same time, I've also proven to myself that I CAN do it if I REALLY wanted to. I'm sure all modders/enthusiasts can relate......

I agree, German cars are a whole new ball game when compared to JDMs.....So I have no doubt that I can do all that and more on a less complicated car.

It just sucks that Portland seems like the only major city on the westcoast that's been deprived of the car modding scene. I think it's because of that reason that I started to work on my own car, since there's almost slim to none chance of finding a reasonable and reputable shop for aftermarket mods. Fuck it, I think I trust myself more than any mechanic, whether it be at a dealership or an indy shop anyway.

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