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Originally Posted by Grant@JGMODS View Post
JS-NA, why have I not seen you before...I'm usually around the Daly City area, if you're down for driving a little further you should try taking 280S to 92E, then make a right onto Highway 35. Plenty of turns and fun there at night.
Sounds fun, i'll try that road on my next day off and i'm barely seen by other forum members when on the road. So far i've only been spotted once

Originally Posted by JT_Munkey View Post
First mods? I'd say probably my 3rd after front and rear bumper. It'll just be one of the more noticeable mods. I would like to maybe one of these days but not until I'm happy with my car. If anything, come out to our Friday night Coffees at HotSpot cafe in San Jose. Which coils did you get?
You can still come out and enjoy the meets and those are going to be nice mods, what bumpers are you going for?