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Originally Posted by bimmertt View Post
specifics from the SIB:

A slight rattle noise is considered normal operation of the mechanical wastegate valve and is not a failure of the part. No repair should be attempted for this type of rattling complaint.

If the noise is described as a clanking noise occurring up to six or seven times in a row during adeceleration from approximately 3,500 RPM, or during a heavy application of the accelerator without a drive gear being engaged, then continue with the procedures described in this document.
That's why I said "as long as its not considered normal"

Originally Posted by rdub View Post
would IC have to come off?
It's best to take every single mod off...

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I still wouldn't skimp on the extended warranty/ There are quite a bit more that fall apart on these cars. I had a water pump failure, 1 visit I had all the following replaced (Gasket ring, collar Screw, bearing ledge, intake Inlet camshaft, gasket ring, decoupling element), transmission issues, ecu replacement.. and much much more!
I was only worried about the turbos. The others, I'm not worried about