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Originally Posted by research View Post
I believe the background. My car was a dealership demo, which was basically never used in 2009-2010 (it had 10000km when it was sold in 2010 March!) due to much same reasons: massive recession in Baltics. Currently I have 40000km. On a 2007.

In Latvia they had the mother of recessions, with GDP down 30% or so (peak to trough). So most likely someone bought and said no thanks, my construction business went belly up and you can keep the car. Lot of finns swooped in and bought these at bargain prices (say 12000 EUR for 18000
I know it was never driven between 2007-2009.Donīt know where it was stored that time. Then 2009 some finish company imported it to finland.
Someone bought it and drove like 2 years and 32000km with it.Previous owner changed it to Volvo.
I bought it from Volvo-dealership at 2011 and even they thought it was 2009,because documents say that it is.
It causes sometimes problems if ordering parts with licence plate number,because it gives wrong part numbers.

I'm sure it didn't cost you much, so you got very good base to mod it. Looks like you had a good start already.
Thank you
Well it wasnīt really that cheap for me, but 2007 with 32000km when other 2007 models where driven like 60000km. It was very good shape and had xenons etc.
Also real facelift 2009 where like 10 000€ more to price tag.

PS: a while back I asked on this forum if the 122s would fit on E90 without causing issues, and you actually have them on. Do you have few pics in winter mode? Very curious to see how it came out, as I never got them myself.
No i donīt have pictures yet, because last winter i drove with different setup.
Maybe i should test fit those to otherside, before winter really comes and take a picture. I might just do that soon. Im on vacation right now so i have time.

There shouldnīt be any problems with 17x8 et20 with 225/45/17.
Only thing i needed was 74.1->72.6 hubcentric rings.