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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
Load profile expertmode then

F1 f3 , choose E89, choose Cas, Back. F4. Then read ecu and choose Kombi, Then job sg_coderien and then execute job. It should write back default and cluster should work. If it still doesn't work then your spdaten is for sure not updated correctly.
Thanks, I got that from another thread though. Didn't work at all. My sp daten is v46, and I updated Ediabas to 7.2. As long as the DIY and FAQ's I read on them were correct, I'm positive they are installed correctly. Ended up taking my car in to the dealership, and even they were having trouble recoding it. They said the coding wasn't "sticking" and they had to do it a few times before the Kombi module took. At this point the tech and I both think that while my cluster functions normally, there may be something slightly defective with it. It's just too bad they can't replace it unless something goes irreparably wrong.

Thanks for the help guys! From now on though, I'm not going near the Kombi module, since there isn't anything in there I really need coded.