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Originally Posted by elan76 View Post
Ok thanks i'll try them and check the classifieds out. That nasty bend is the first thing i see when i walk in the garage. Pisses me the hell off, happened three days ago and im still not over it. at least at speed theres no shimmy or wobble so i'm thinking/hoping its just cosmetic.
you shoudlnt be driving long on that wheel . . . it's a pretty big liability and it wont take much to make it leak

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Honestly I don't think doing her sister would make you feel better cause you'll be seeing this every time you get into your car ..... But go for it if she'll let you
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I'm likin' the new diggs San Diego Chat Thread (#4)!
elan76, do the sister, get her pregnant = ultimate bent wheel revenge. looks like you need new Hankook shoes as well!
need to determine how hot this sister is

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In on chat thread #4!
oh hi lifeguard