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Originally Posted by Business edition View Post
Over a 1000 letters where sent out.

The police gave most people section 222 which is a ban from the area and a few other racing spots.

And guess what this dude got sec222 and he when to race again and the police got him and put him in a cell, took the car. Now they are setting a court date
I also got the same letter dated 13.5.12 on the same stretch!
I emailed the officer in charge and also got a reply saying they cannot pass any pics/video recordings due to them issuing over 500 nips that weekend.
It was a specialist operation called SHIELD i belive to tackle racing in that area.
I recieved a SEC222 injuction about 7 weeks ago delivered by hand and blocking me from them areas until sept 2013.
Serves me right tbh!
I havent gone around them sides/events for atleast 5 yrs as since my son was born have grown up and everytime i did go i ended up in some sort of trouble so started doing legal trackdays instead to let of the steam.
Only reason i was there that night (and i know its no excuse and has come back to bite me!) was i had my car for sale and i had 2 youngish low to mid 20yrs olds viewing the car that evening as i work till 8pm most days, and thought driving past the TRACKS and getting some cred from the spectators would help sell the car!!!
Problem now.............and a big one is that me and the other 2 had driven the car down that stretch and i didnt take note/keep logs of the times and 1st i heard of offence was 13 days later.
No body drove the car crazy but could have been over the limit a few times.
I have had to forward 1 name to police who could not even send me photos or similar to help identify who was driving at the time and am waiting to hear back yet...........not good!!!!!!just my fcuking luck that 1st time in 5 yrs i go there and i'm back in the red!!!!!!