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Originally Posted by ibo View Post
Thanks for clarifying this! I read in several places about the female RCA's, but the ones I received from VP are both male. I figured perhaps the newer harnesses have male ends, but now that you point this out, I suppose Ken may have cut the female heads and soldered the males on himself.

However, the current harnesses in my possession have a total length of RCA cable from the harness attachment point to the end of the RCA plugs that is only about 6-7 inches or so. I'm not sure how such a short run of cable can induce so much hiss.
The last version of the HiFi harness has male ends as it is now dedicated to XD600/6 installs in the OEM amp location due to most customer requests.

If according to you there was a "QUIET, QUIET" hiss when the OEM amp was plugged in then you will have an increase of such hiss when a more powerful aftermarket amp is plugged in if the chassis ground is used. That is what you are having now, apparently.

My suggestion is to remove the OEM HU, unplug the Quadralock in the back, and take a close look at pin 12 (ground). Make sure that the radio pins and the Quadralock pins are having a solid contact without any wiggling.