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Originally Posted by Joe- View Post
I am telling you, Pace BMW does not care about your car. They provide the worst service.

Infact they mark up their parts almost 100%. I recently purchased m3 hood springs for my new hood, has the parts listed for 41.26, realoem list msrp for 43.62, while armed with this information i went to pace bmw in portchester and requested the price for this parts. Guy at the parts counter tells me 71.00 each. I told him to keep them. I also had the realoem and print out.

so 84.00 vs 140.00? That place is out of their mind. I've reported them to BMW NA several times. After BMW NA has failed to do anything about their horrible service I've changed dealerships, I now have to drive 45 mins out of my way to get the service I deserve.
Pretty sure the BMW dealerships get kick backs from BMW corporate for r*ping the customer. Both dealerships here are crooks for parts. Heck, touchup paint was $30. Like WTF, it's paint! Of course, local parts stores don't sell any BMW colors.... NICE!