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Originally Posted by xcelr8427 View Post
I brought mine in and played dumb.. "My engine seems to have a rattle when i let off the throttle.. it might have something to do with the turbos..." Well, they acknowledged that it was wastegate rattle and said they ordered new actuators. They took the whole thing apart, replaced the actuators, and GO FIGURE, the sound didn't go away. So, they replaced both turbos. After having my car for two+ weeks, I got it back and there is no rattle at all. FWIW, my car has 93k miles and is still under CPO. I gladly paid my $50 deductible
I am still unsure who this extended warranty is enabled to. My 335i has 50k miles and is not under any type of BMW warranty, is this a recall (will replace independent of warranty like the HPFP is), or is this extended warranty only eligible for those who have a warranty still? Please excuse my misunderstanding, but i've yet to receive an answer.

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